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Cleopatra is one of the most magnetic and seductive women of human history who knew how to care about her face and body beauty. Women are excited about Cleopatra's beauty for many centuries because she succeeded in winning the hearts of the most unapproachable and formidable men of that time. There are many discussions about Cleopatra's beauty nowadays. We don't know for sure whether she was a real beauty in our opinion or not. But the ancient sources prove beauty of her skin and fresh complexion. At that time it was an urgent problem in Egypt where the baking sun and sand had a negative effect on skin. And you've got to hand it to Cleopatra, she left good recipes for us. There are three Cleopatra's beauty secrets came to our days ' milk bath, beauty face masks and special fragrances. Cleopatra's Milk and Honey Bath Actually, the main beauty recipe of Cleopatra is her famous milk bath. To prepare a bath you should dissolve a small cup of honey in 1 litre of hot but not boiled milk and pour the mix into a bath. A bath temperature should be the same as body temperature that is 36-37 degrees. Take a bath for 10-15 minutes. Present followers of Cleopatra's beauty suggest substituting fresh milk for dried milk. I also tried to do it and got skin so soft! You'll need: - ½ cup of dried milk; - ½ cup of liquid honey; - 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil. Mix the ingredients and add to a bath. Take a bath for 20 minutes. It's enough for all components to have a beneficial effect on skin. But that's not the half of it. Speaking of Cleopatra's beauty it should be noticed that an effect of Cleopatra's bath was heightened by a scrub. Her servants mixed 300 gr. crumbled sea salt with a half a cup of rich cream and rubbed it into the queen's body. It's better to apply the scrub before bathing because it cleans your skin and opens pores for milk and honey. Here is one more recipe I found recently. Taking a milk and honey bath put there an old nylon stocking or cotton cloth with some handful of oatmeal inside. At the end of bathing, rub yourself with oatmeal, wait for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water. I think Cleopatra would like this beauty recipe as it clears and nourishes skin making it smooth and silky. Anyway, we can always afford a milk bath for hands even if we cannot fill a whole bath with milk. 1 litre of milk or less and 1 teaspoon of honey are enough and your hands skin will be extremely beautiful! Beauty face masks recipes - the second Cleopatra's beauty secret - to be in my next article…

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Do you want to surprise your beloved on St. Valentine's? You can do it without going out or buying something. You can make a St. Valentine's cake. Here's a recipe: You'll need: 4-5 eggs, 1.5 glass sugar, 1 glass sour cream, 1 teaspoon soda slaked with vinegar 200 g. butter, 2.5 glass flour some cocoa, How to make it: You'd better use blander to make the process easier and faster. Beat the eggs and sugar, add some vanillin, then put the sour cream, mix it all and add the soda. Melt the butter and add to the mixture. The last one is flour, then you should mix it all thoroughly and add the cocoa to make the pastry brown a little bit. Put all this in the form, a round one preferably, bake it in the stove until it's ready. You'll get a kind of sponge cake. Now a very important moment ' you should turn the round shape into a heart shape with a knife of course. As for decoration, you can cover it with honey or jam and sprinkle with coco crumbs. I'm sure your beloved will appreciate your surprise. Have a nice St. Valentine's Day

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To merge Lace elements into nail art to make it elaborate ornamentation has become a recent fashion. Generally, designers indicate by means of painting Lace patter on nails that gradual color change studded with small pearls, gold and silver silk thread or crystal pellets will produce sometimes elegant, sometimes noble, sometimes fashionable and sometimes feminine flavor, promoting the nail art into a new height… The most outstanding feature of Lace painting is to manifest exquisite Lace with terse and regular lines, so manual color-painting is rather difficult, such as clear and even lines, regular circular arc and arris and profound aesthetic composition basis is also required. Therefore, manicurists who can conduct Lace nail-beauty design are as rare as phoenix feathers and Lace nail art has become a synonymous with luxurious or senior nail-art. Cyber Lace Nail Art, established by a nail art machine, transforms art emotional symbols into commercial practical symbols, which embodies the perfect senior customization technique, and also shows people adequate exquisiteness and senior elements. The nail art machine paints the exquisite Lace pattern on natural nails or artificial nails (Nail Tips), and its unparalleled detail expression and efficiency has becoming an important part of modern nail art culture.

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There are so many St. Valentine's Day traditions people follow in every country. It is very popular to get married on St. Valentine's Day. It is supposed that a woman can choose a man this day and ask him to marry her. If the man is not ready for that he must thank her for the honor and present her a silk dress and she must give him a silk lace with a heart on it. Women in some countries get clothes from their beloved for St. Valentine's Day. If a woman takes the present that means she agrees to marry the man. There's a legend that the first man a woman meets this day has to be her Valentine not depending on his wish. In medieval England there was a tradition to choose “Valentine”. Some young people used to get together, write girls' names on small papers and put them in the hat, then they draw lots. The girl whose name a young man got became his “Valentine” for the whole year. There was also a tradition to dress children like adults and then they used to go from house to house and sing songs about St. Valentine. In Wales they used to make wooden “love spoons” and present them to beloved. The spoons were decorated with hearts, keys and keyholes that meant “you have found the way to my heart.” In the beginning of last century the Americans presented marzipans to their beloved. Later they arranged caramel production on the Continent and scratched love words on the sweets. The sweets were red and white. The red meant passion and the white meant pureness of love. In 50es the sweets were packed in pasteboard boxes heart-shaped. Japanese started to celebrate St. Valentine Day in 30es of our century. Actually a large company of chocolate production started it. Chocolate is still the most popular present on this holiday. Now Japanese made St. Valentine's Day a men's holiday. Mostly men get presents this day. You should present any men's accessories like perfume, wallets, lotions. And what's more, there is a competition for “loudest declaration of love” ' boys and girls come to the stage and shout words of love. The French present jewelry for this holiday. And they create “valentines”. The Italian present sweets to their women and call St. Valentine's Day “sweet”. Nowadays the holiday got a wider meaning and we congratulate not only beloved but our friends, relatives and parents as well.

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I have purchased a lovely emerald green dress and am requiring some advice on make up styles that would best match my eyes & the dress. My eyes are a very light blue and was thinking of either green & gold or black smokey eyes & gold. If anyone could please give me their opinion with possibly some pics that would be greatly appreciated Regards CGritt

   29 dec / 18:12

Golden makeup is the most popular for New Year's Party this year. And natural pink as well. Everything must be natural but elegantly and fashionably. Accent your eyes, use eyeliner, golden, violet or orange shadows and make your lashes look magnificent. As for lipstick, don't take a bright one. If you want your lips to be beautiful, take transparent lip gloss or natural lipstick. You certainly care about hairdo. Thick, straight and long fringe is at the fashion top and straight hair as well. If you prefer accessories for your hair, you can choose wooden or leather hair clips or the ones the color of your hair. Your hairdo should be a harmonious addition to your womanly, natural and festive image. By the way, the coming year is the Year of Bull and the Bull likes everything classical. So when you choose clothes for the New Year's Party remember you'd better wear dress matching your figure. The dress should be chocolate, violate, orange, golden or green color. Have a nice party!

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This makeup is made in white-blue tints. You can also make experiments as you wish. Choose white or blue clothes. The men, come to the New Year's Party, will certainly want to warm up your heart! Here's the basic variant of the makeup. Take makeup base with shining effect or apply shining cream under the powder. Light the inner eye corner with nacre and put some right below the brows as well. Apply blue shadows to the upper lid and some light blue shadows above. You can make a line along the upper lid with a blue pencil. The same with the lower lid ' blue color for the external eye corner and some white for the inner one and light blue above. One mascara layer will be enough for your lashes and you can add some blue or silver mascara to the ends. You can choose pink lip gloss or pearly-white one. All described above is just a basic image. You can vary it as you wish to. You can add some sparkles to your eyes, for example. That's a matter of taste actually. The most important is your New Year's mood! Have a nice New Year's Party!

   22 dec / 18:12

The main point of this New Year's Party makeup is that it's done in one color gamma. Color of shadows and lip gloss should match. This makeup is good for a black dress and violet-pink, cool-green clothes. Tone your skin. Draw a line along your upper lid with a black pencil, the line should widen to the external eye corner. Line the upper and lower lids with violet shadows. Put pink shadows all above the violet line and some white-pearly under the brows. Spread it. Apply pink rouge to your cheek-bones. You'd better use a lipstick of the same color with the shadows or any other pink tint. You can line the lower lid with a black pencil, it'll make your look mysterious. The most difficult here is to stick on pastes symmetrically along the upper lid, but you can also do without it if you want to. Good luck and be the pearl of the New Year's Party!

   22 dec / 18:12

Best makeup variant for the New Year's Party 2009 is gold. This makeup can be perfectly combined with a black dress and golden accessories. If you can get a dress and eye shadows of the same golden color, you'll be a real golden bar! MakeUp instructions: Tone your face. Use powder or base, or all together. The result should be mat skin. Lighten the inner corner of your eye with white or beige eye pencil, then apply golden eye shadows so to cover half of the upper lid. To shade the gold we need dark brown shadows, we put it to the external corner of your eye. Put some light shadows under the brows. Cover the lower lid with dark brown shadows to the external corner and golden shadows to the inner corner of the eye. Spread it. Use black eyeliner for the upper lid and black mascara. Put some golden rouge to your cheek-bones, but not too much. As for lips, you can apply natural tint, you can touch them with golden shadows as well and then cover with limpid lip gloss. Another variant is a red lipstick if you like it. You'll look perfect at the New Year's party!

   18 dec / 18:12

Can you imagine New Year's Eve without sparkles? Of course no! You can add some sparkles to your makeup for the New Year's party. Accent your eyes with sparkles and choose mat lipstick, bright one if you want. First step is toning. There are just sparkles to be shining, as for your skin ' it should be mat. Take eyeliner with sparkles and line your upper and lower lids pointing to external eye corner. You can choose any color of the eyeliner and apply 2-3 layers. Let it be wider on the upper lid and narrower on the lower one. Put 1-2 layers of mascara and line the lower lid with a black pencil and your eyes will shine separately from the sparkles. You'd better not to use rouge but you can apply some pink or peach rouge to your cheek-bones, but just a little. One-color dress and a belt decorated with sparkles will be perfect for this New Year's makeup, you'll look effective!!!

   17 dec / 18:12

Let's talk about how to meet New Year 2009 and what to wear? As for clothes, there are different variants. The coming year is Year of The Bull and some suppose it's better not to wear too bright clothes, especially red ones, cause bulls can't stand it. There's another opinion that the coming year is Year of The Red Bull, so there must be more red tints in your clothes. Thus, it's up to you to choose. You'd better wear new clothes and use natural decorations: feathers, down, fur, leather or cotton and your clothes should be made of natural cloth. Choose accessories made of natural stones. Wooden necklaces and earrings would be perfect. You can also wear gold, silver, copper, platinum. However you should wear the decorations mentioned above separately, don't mix. Have a good New Year's Party!

   15 dec / 18:12

New Year's Party is coming soon and you certainly think of your clothes, makeup and hairdo for the party. Then probably that'll be interesting for you to read. What to do with your hair: Remember some rules to follow to make your hair look perfect. • Use hair balsam after washing your hair and dry your hair with a towel don't blow-dry, then your hair will look more naturally and shiny. • If you need more volume, you can backcomb hair in the following way ' you backcomb half-dried hair strands at the roots with a little mouse. Now you need your hair-drier. Dry carefully, bending your head down to the floor. You'll get a perfect volume! After, curl every strand with large curlers, applying some mouse to the strands tips but not to much to avoid conglutination. Let your hair get dry without a hair-drier. So, that's hair…now… What to do with you face and nails: Apply base for your makeup ' day cream, powder, rouge. Then, go to your eyes. You'll need green-grey shadows ' light, middle, dark. Apply the middle tone around your upper lid and a little bit higher. The light tone will go right under your brows and into the inner corners of your eyes. Put the dark tone along the upper lashes in a thin line. Then put some very light tone to the middle of every lid and shade it. Mascara is applied twice with short intervals. Your lips need very accurate makeup. First you should draw a line around the lips carefully. Use dark red pencil. When the outline is ready, go on with a lipstick of same color. Apply the lipstick with a brush with sort strokes. Finally put some lip gloss to the middle of the lower lip only. Now…Nails: Along with the makeup described above, I mean bright sexy lips and shining eyes, you'd better choose a light nail polish for both your manicure and pedicure. So you're almost ready for the New Year's party. Let's come back to your hair and finish the hair do. Your hair is already dry. You should part every lock and make a little mess. You'll get some locks of one strand. Brush the strands up and fix the locks with clips at the top of your head setting some locks forward to your face. Spray your hair with a hairspray. Here's your prom hairdo. As for clothes, choose something not so bright and not so heavy, something to feel yourself comfortable and don't forget about smile, you'll need it at your New Year's party.

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Some words about makeup winter 2008. Dark lips are the key of this season. Rich and deep red tints, purple, rouge, ripe cherry create sharp and defiant images of winter makeup. Scarlet lipstick is going to be a hot item of the coming season and mat lipstick is almost the dogma of the winter. One of the most extraordinary motives is wine lips effect. You should apply dark red lipstick intensively to the center of your lips and not so bright to the tips. Smoky eyes are another trend of winter 2008. It's presented in different variations from extremely black formless spots to accurate “cat's eyes”. Graphic tips and applying mascara to the external lashes are popular as well. In contrast to this bright makeup there's angelic naturalness, shine and warm light tints. Most of the followers of this direction prefer complete denial of mascara and sometimes eye makeup in general. Stress is made to lips, skin and cheek-bones. First of all emphasize your mat alabaster-light skin. Cheek-bones are not accentuated in this case, lips are also flesh-colored and here are your smoky eyes on this background! Or golden eye line that is very popular this season. Another side is the less makeup the better you look! Just leave some blush on your cheeks and mat natural lipstick on your lips. Golden eye line mentioned above is the hottest item of winter 2008. It can decorate your smoky eyes or be a base for eye makeup. Don't forget! Natural eye brows are preferable this season, so no more need to make them thinner. Let's sum up, what makeup is popular in winter 2008: 1. smoky eyes 2. “cat's eyes” 3. dark scarlet lips 4. golden shadows or lines 5. graphic tips 6. mat lips 7. mat skin 8. light blush 9. wide brows 10. minimum mascara

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This is the easiest peeling I've ever heard about! You'll need a piece of apple or tomato. Massage your face and neck with this piece for 5 minutes, not less. Wash your skin with cool water. Apply some moisturizing cream. You'll see the result of this peeling. Fruit and vegetable acid perfectly renews skin cells that is very important to slow down the aging process. Don't forget to make this peeling once a week and have a glass of carrot/apple juice with some drops of vegetable oil every morning before breakfast. You'll get wonderful face color!

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You know scrub is very easy to make at home and certainly it is more natural. Here's one recipe. Take coffee specks that you've boiled and already drunk. Take a little gel for washing your face, add some specks and massage your face and neck with this mass slightly for 3 minutes, then wash away and apply moisturizing cream. Use the scrub once a week and for the whole body as well. You'll see, your skin will be smoother than ever!!!

   10 nov / 06:11

The coming winter is going to surprise you with incredible variety and brightness of all the makeup details: form the most popular tints to the most popular flavor in your image creation. Face color Healthy face color is always important in perfect makeup. Your true helpers here can be basic means of skin care coinciding with your individual needs. Makeup foundation is a harmonious completeness and ideal “canvas” for makeup. Don't forget the makeup foundation tints should match your natural face color. As a rule, in winter our skin gets lighter than in spring and summer. That's why you'd better have two tints of the makeup foundation - for spring and summer, and for fall and winter. Eye brows It's very important to accent your brows when creating your image. An ideal brows shape is a natural line of your brows. It should be rather long, hooped in a graceful arch, wider at bridge and thinner at temples. Every shape you choose will emphasize your individuality, so you'd better make the right choice and stress the natural beauty of your brows in some simple ways: •Eye shadows Choose the tint matching the natural color of your brows or a little bit lighter. Use a special brush for makeup with sharp end and splay bristle, apply the appropriate tint to the brows and shade thoroughly. You'll get the effect of invisible makeup. The shadows will make the brows color more saturated and emphasize the brows arch. •Eye pencil You can use it for more distinct and smooth line. The pencil will make your brows more bright and graphical. You should accurately strike between hairs with light touches along with the hairs growth and shade with a brush for brows. The advantage of the pencil is you can easily change brows color and shape, making them look naturally. Eyes makeup In winter we usually make a choice between accentuating our eyes or lips. Makeup tendencies winter 2008 leave the decision of this question for your personal review. If you accent your eyes, the makeup should be rich in tints and various in styles. Pink and smoky grey tints are very popular. Also you can choose bronze, metallic, silver, gold, lilac, blackberry, black current, black and green. Coffee, chocolate and truffle tints will make your eyes more attractive and your look warmer. Eyelashes Dramatic look is up-to-date again this winter. The main change is in mascara applying. You're recommended to apply more mascara to external part of an eye. Lots of the mascara allows emphasize long and thick lashes making your look languorous. You'd better use black tint to get this effect. If you want to make your look romantic, choose brown mascara. Languorous look from under long lashes is the main point of this season. Rouge This winter rouge is popular more than ever. The main advantage of the rouge is correcting face shape and refreshing your skin. You should choose your color and apply the rouge with a special brush concerning your face shape. Lips Triumphal return of red lipstick. Despite the main accent is given to eyes, lips makeup tendencies are staggering. It's time for rich red! The most popular lipstick color this winter is red, from bright to obscure tints. If you have cold skin tint you'd better choose red or wine color, orange-red, terracotta, coral are perfect for skin with warm (yellow, olive) tint. The most important thing in makeup winter 2008 is your skin shine, clarity and lightness effect. Remember, the first accessory of this winter is scarf. Choose any of the variants. The scarf of suitable style will shade your face, make it fresher and you will look excellent this winter.

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I finally got a pic of it! Sorry or the blurriness..=] What you need: Toothpick Spring Green polish Pink-Red Polish Black Polish Top Coat Steps: 1. Paint entire nail green.Do this twice if needed.Let dry. 2. Leave bottom 1/3 of nail green, but paint the top 2/3's red. Do this twice and let dry. 3.Dip toothpick in black and add 3-5 black dots on red portion of nail.Do not add too much polish here. 4.Finish up with top coat. Voila!

   23 oct / 00:10

ROSEMARY RINSE FOR DARK HAIR- What I like to use is rosemary tea. All you do is boil some rosemary in a pot, and bottle. When taking a shower, dump it over your hair and rub in. Do this AFTER washing. DO NOT RINSE OUT! Your hair will feel shiny and smooth the next day. CHAMOMILE HAIR RINSE FOR BLONDES- Do the same as above only make chamomile tea. First boil the water then pour onto th buds in a bowl.

   20 oct / 17:10

Lemon juice or extract goes into lots of cosmetic products due to its wonderful properties. It contains Vitamin C, which promotes cells renovation and constricts pores. It's much more useful for those who have oily skin. You can certainly buy cosmetics but it's better to use the lemon naturally. Here are some ways the lemon can help you look fresh and make your skin soft and young. 1. Take one lemon, squeeze it, mix it with a liter water and then pour it all over your body. Don't wash the lemon water away, just wipe yourself and apply some body milk or oil all around. Do it twice a week. 2. Take the lemon water described above, freeze it in the forms and massage your face with this lemon ice three times a week. 3. You can also prepare lemon lotion (tonic). Put two slice of lemon in a cup of hot black tea, let it get cold, then add three table spoons alcohol, use it twice a day before applying cream. You'll see, your skin will enjoy these procedures and you will enjoy your skin then. Good Luck!