You are in expectation of Christmas dinner, lots of dishes and everything is so delicious you just can’t stand. Be careful! Remember about your figure and your stomach health. We offer you a simple diet that will help to prepare your organism for large Christmas meal, but upon condition that you like or at least can eat milk products.

The diet is based on porridge and other cereals that should be boiled in milk till half-done.

Count 5 days before Christmas Eve and get started:


1 day – you eat porridge cooked as is written above, you may some sugar or salt if you want

2 day – you eat buckwheat with milk, it’s better to cook the buckwheat separately in the water and then mix with milk

3 day – rice with milk, make it the same way as the buckwheat

4 day – polenta made with milk

5 day – frumenty


This “cereals week” will normalize your digestion and help lose some kilos. You should eat 3 times a day and drink juices and green tee between meals.


Merry Christmas!



All women want to look beautiful at Christmas party. We think about makeup, dress, hairdo and often forget that our beauty depends on how we feel. Tiredness will kill your beauty. No makeup can hide your tired look and pale face, your hair gets dull and you are not so cheerful as you must be. So first of all you should have enough sleep at least 3 nights before Christmas. Last evening before the party make some preparations:


To make your hair shine, rub some burdock oil into your head skin and cover the head with a warm towel, leave for an hour, then wash the hair using balsam after washing.


Prepare your face skin for holiday makeup. Make a mask of honey and fresh lemon juice. Mix them and apply to your face for 20 minutes, under eyes you’d better put just honey. When you have washed the mask away clean your face with a tonic and apply moisturizing cream.


Nails…if you don’t have time for salon manicure, try to make it yourself. Shape your nails with a file and rub some honey with salt in them and in the skin around to nourish it. Leave for 10 minutes, wash and apply had cream. You can do the same with your toe nails.


Now you are ready for the Christmas party and can make a hairdo, lacquer your nails and makeup your face. Don’t forget to sleep enough the last night before the party!



Ellen DeGeneres was born in 1958, January, 26, in Metairie, Louisiana. Her parents divorced when Ellen was 16. Ellen’s family moved to Atlanta after her mother got married the second time.

Ellen finished Atlanta Secondary school in 1976 and entered University of New Orleans, she didn’t finished it having given up study after the first level.

She tried lots of jobs until she came into show-business.


She is the most popular American TV show hostess, hosting “EllenDeGeneres Show” which got several Emmy awards for the best TV works. The fact that she came out as a lesbian didn’t derogate the Americans’ adoration to her, some of them even got more loyal to sexual minorities due to the love to Ellen. She is also known for providing the voice of forgetful Dory the Fish in the animated film “Finding Nemo”.


She has been a hostess of Primetime Emmy Awards Ceremony several times and she hosted the 79th Academy Awards in 2006.


Nowadays Ellen DeGeneres is hosting everyday primetime talk-show “Ellen-Show” which draws a big audience. Many famous people were the guests of DeGeneres’s show and of course the zest of the show is Ellen DeGeneres herself with her talent to comedy style.


In 2006 Ellen DeGeneres headed the list of the most popular homosexuals made according to the quiz results of GaydarRadio British gay-radio station. Presently Ellen is into relationship with an Australian actress Portia de Rossi, they legalized their relations in 2008 and now they live together in Beverly Hills.



One of essential Christmas attributes are certainly presents. You can make various presents for your close people. Remember that someone prefers something practical and useful and others like something extraordinary and exotic. For the first ones it’s very easy to make a present, something like mobile phone, perfume or tea set. As for original presents here you’ll need your fantasy and some helpful ideas:

  1. You can make an exclusive Christmas post card using such materials as cloth, fur, beads, nail polish, and cotton wool. You can make it yourself combining these materials in a kind of picture on a piece of hard paper of a certain shape and color or you can order it to a specialist who deals with art to make it more professional.
  2. You can make something of sweets, a tree for example. To do that you’ll need sweets of different kinds, a wooden stick with a support, several long pieces of thick wire to make branches. Take the stick and fix the pieces of wire to it in the form of a tree, fix them with sticky tape. Bind the stick (trunk) with tinsel garland and bend the “branches” a little bit down. Here’s the tree, now you can string sweets onto the branches!
  3. Take a teddy bear empty inside so that you could put there something precious like jewelry, a ring for example or a bracelet, hide it in sweets inside the toy. That would be a great surprise!


Make your presents, Merry Christmas!!!



Pregnant Heidi Klum attended the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, which took place at the Nokia Theatre, in September, 20, 2009, in LA, with her husband Seal, the musician. Heidi were effulgent, she could advantageously emphasize her pregnancy with elegant long black dress fromMarchesa that was tight enough to show her belly. The dress was made of lace with embroidery on the bodice and was so long to hide her feet. It was strapless opening her shoulders and making her image sexier. Lorraine Schwartz jewels perfectly matched her eyes. Heidi Klum looked charming with her natural makeup and hair, twisted up in a bob, opening her beautiful face and neck.



Reese Witherspoon is one of the most high-paid actresses in Hollywood. She is a beautiful, determined woman who made a perfect movie career. Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon was born in 1976, March, 22, in Nashville, in the family of doctors. John Witherspoon was the sixth president of Princeton Academy and was one of those who signed USA Declaration of Independence. She has always wanted to be a doctor but some day her plans changed. She acted in an advertisement at the age of 7 and 4 years later she was invited to New Talents Competition. She studied at school and worked as a part-time model simultaneously.


When Reese was 14 she tried herself in “The Man in the Moon” (1991) and she got a role in this picture as the producer liked her work so much. Then she had big roles in “Jack the Bear” (1993), “A Far Off Place” (1993). However these films didn’t get her fame. In 1994 Reese entered Stratford University, the faculty of English literature, but she had to give it up due to frequent shots. The films she acted in weren’t so popular but she didn’t care about it.


Reese Witherspoon gained her admission after the comedy Pleasantville (1998) where she co-stared with Tommy Maguire. The real breakthrough for her was the film “Cruel Intentions” (1999) where she acted with her boyfriend Ryan Philip. After the film coming out Reese got her status of the star. In June, 1999 Reese and Ryan got married and in September their daughter Ava Elizabeth was born.

Reese was eager to be the best mother and wife and was even thinking of giving up her career to graduate from Stanford. However it was not so easy as it seemed to be. Some time after her daughter was born the actress acted in “The Friends” (2000), then took small parts in “American Psycho” (2000) and “Little Nicky” (2000).


In 2001 “Legally Blonde” came out. After it Reese woke up famous. That was a great success; Reese’s shares in Hollywood went up. «Sweet Home Alabama» (2002), «The Importance of Being Earnest» (2002), «Vanity Fair» (2004) have nailed down her success and made her one of the most popular and recognizable actresses of Hollywood and her fees exceeded $15 000 000. Later Reese Witherspoon got “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” for staring in «Walk the Line» (2005).


In contrast to Reese her husband’s career can be hardly considered as a successful one. Although they were still supposed to be the happiest couple in Hollywood, it wasn’t so in reality. Ryan had drug problems and often cut his wolf loose. That’s why in spite of their second child’s birth and all efforts to save the marriage, they broke up.


Now Reese Witherspoon is an owner of «Type a Films» studio and a very popular actress. She continues acting choosing the most interesting roles only, fortunately she can afford it.



Kate Hudson was named favorite leading lady at the 35th annual People's Choice Awards at the Shrine Auditorium on Wednesday, January 7, 2009. She got this status for her role as Alexis in the comedy «My Best Friend’s Girl» (2008). Kate looked charming at the ceremony! She was wearing a long blue double tint gown from Gucci partly opening her slim legs and covering one shoulder. She had blue-black shoes with high heels and platforms, a black Gucci clutch, large black earrings and black and white cocktail rings on her fingers. Her blond hair was made in a free messy style that made her image so glamor and romantic. Kate Hudson’s make up emphasized her spirited features: smoky eyes and light glossy lips.



Due to plenty of points with reflex cells on the hands, hand massage will perfectly affect your general health condition despite your age.


First a couple of advice on hand care:


To moisturize your hands skin smooth your hands with special water which you can make yourself: take equal parts of glycerin and rose water, add 10 drops of ammonium chloride, keep the bottle with this water on the sink and use after each washing.


You can get rid of hand wrinkles if you do the following exercise: put your elbows on the table, hold your palms opposite your chest, put them as you’re praying. Try to bend the connected thumbs as low as possible, holding all other fingers are in original stance. Do this exercise 10 times every day.


Now get back to the massage. Before you cover your nails with a nail polish make a special cream massage.

It consists of 9 movements being done one by one during 10 minutes.


  1. Wrapping around movements. You massage all the finger sides from the tip to the base. Repeat the movement 3 times.
  2. Pressing strokes. Slightly press the skin on your hands while stroking. Massage all the fingers sides from the tip to the base 3 times.
  3. Loop-shaped massage of fingers. Massage your fingers with loop-shaped movements from the tip to the base, 3 times for every finger.
  4. Direct hand stroking. Stroke your hands from the fingers base to the wrist 5 times for every hand.
  5. Round hand stroking. Massage your hands with round movements starting from the 3rd finger to the hand sides, 5 times for every hand.
  6. Loop-shaped wrist massaging. It’s made with a thumb from the fingers base to the wrist with loop-shaped movements, 5 times for every hand.
  7. Round wrist stroking. Bottom-up movements are made with a thumb around the wrist, 5 times for every hand.
  8. Round wrist massaging. Bottom-up round movements, 5 times for every hand.
  9. Wrapping around hand stroking. It’s made with a hand from the finger tips to the middle of forearm, like putting on gloves, 5 times for every hand.


The coming year is the Year of Tiger. Tiger is a graceful and brave animal, so your dress for the Eve should emphasize these qualities. Wide range of colors and tints preferable for this holiday gives you a possibility to make experiments and choose the dress according to your style, character and mood. Don’t be afraid of experiments. You must look sexy and challenging but not provocative.

Thus, the coming New Year prefers the following tints and colors: golden, yellow, silver, platinum, metallic, beige. You can also chose tints of red, sooner bloody, this color is perfect for the brunet especially. The dresses must be low cut. Strasses around the whole dress or on the insets are welcome. And remember, no matter what dress you choose, more important is your ability to feel yourself irresistible.

Happy New Year!



That’s a recipe of my good friend. She’s a very good cook and this pie is one of her masterworks. I cook it very often. It takes short time and few products.

To make paste you’ll need:

1 egg yolk

20 g butter

1 glass milk

1 teaspoon yeast




For stuff you can take cabbage or potato or rice with preserved fish. I took cabbage here.

So, take warm milk, add 4 tablespoons flour and 1 teaspoon yeast. Mix it and leave for 20 minutes in a warm place. Then add 1 egg yolk, drawn butter, ½ teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon sugar, put flour so the paste becomes stiff. Beat the paste thoroughly. Leave the paste in a warm place for 2 hours. Meanwhile make the stuff. Take a small cabbage head, dice it, stew or fry in the frying pan adding 1 grated carrot and 1 diced tomato, salt it and add some black pepper. Stew it until all liquid is over.

Take the paste, cut a piece off and roll it out. Put onto an oiled baking sheet. Put the stuff on it and cover with another paste sheet, adhere the edges. Cover the pie with egg white to make it brown while baking and put it in the stove for about 15 minutes. The pie is ready!



For cooking this soup you’ll need:

Minced meat (beef preferably) – 250g.

Tomatoes – 2

Potato – 4

Onion- 1

Boiled eggs – 2

Green – fresh or dried

Some salt.


  1. Put the meat (can be frozen) in boiling water and boil on the small fire. Don’t forget to skim off the foam.
  2. When the meat is ready, put the diced onion.
  3. Add the diced potato in 7-10 minutes.
  4. When the potato is ready put diced boiled eggs and diced tomatoes.
  5. Put the green in 3-5 minutes.
  6. Add salt and spices to your liking.

The soup is ready.

Bon appetite!



You don’t know what to present your beloved for Christmas? We got used to think that Christmas is a fairy holiday and everybody makes presents to each other. So, you should prepare something unusual for your beloved, not just a  lighter or something like that.

Start from yourself. You can elate your man’s mood by making yourself beautiful. Men love with their eyes, you know. Put on the most beautiful dress, make a hairdo, manicure your nails and makeup your face. Don’t forget about perfume and high heels and the most important – sexy lingerie. Everything must be beautiful in you.

The second you should do is to cook a delicious dinner. Cook his favorite dishes and let him eat as much as he wants to. Making all this you’ll already present your beloved everything he has ever dreamt of. However if you want to make more surprises read the following:

If your man is into traveling or extreme lover an expeditionary tour to an interesting country or a season ticket to extreme driving, airplane handling, parachute jump, ballooning or a ticket to space, if you can afford of course, would be a great present.

If your beloved is a romantic person, you can present him a plant or small pet, offering to take care of them together. A romantic person will certainly appreciate this present.

If he is a practical kind of man, present him the thing he dreams of: new computer, mobile phone or a tie from Armani.

If he is a musician or an artist give him something matching his hobby, a collection of his favorite music for example or a ticket to a trendy exhibition.

If your man is a jolly kind of person, prank would be the best present for him. You can take him for a ride together with his friends.

If your beloved likes games and entertainment, present him table hokey or poker. Play together or invite friends to join you.

If he is a sportsman the best present for him will be a season ticket to massage to rest after his sport training. You can also massage him yourself, it’ll be even better and more pleasant for him.

You can make a season ticket to your massage yourself. Here are some samples of what to write on it:

  1. Everyday half an hour massage.
  2. Promise not to blow him up for socks lying about the floor.
  3. Promise to allow him visit sauna with his friends three times a month.
  4. Fulfill three of his wishes.
  5. 1000 and 1 kiss.

You can use your fantasy to write something else. There’s a wide choice of presents as you see, the most important is to give something original, easy to remember for long time. Don’t be afraid of experiments! Good luck! Merry Christmas!



2010 is year of the yellow metal tiger. Privileges of the coming year are luxury and pathos. That’s why your New Year’s dress must be made of expensive and natural materials such as silk, leather, chamois. Tiger likes bright colors and lots of accessories made of natural materials or metal. As tiger is a cat you can choose something striped, it should look gracefully and be fitted. Celebrate the New Year in new shoes. The shoes must be leather, mat or patent leather, with bright findings – buckles or lacing.

Accessories are essential! Metal necklace, carcanet, bracelets, large metal ear rings. Decorate your hair with metal pins with strass.



You decided to celebrate the New Year in a big or not very big, but very friendly company.

But you don’t know what to do when all toasts have been said, all meals has been eaten up, all presents have been given. Of course it’s time for the funniest thing – games and competitions.  You don’t know what to play? Then this article is written specially for you.

  1. Some couples are chosen among guests, boys and girls preferably. Their eyes are closed or bound. They stand opposite each other and, holding an apple in every hand, try to feed each other. The winners will be those who have eaten the apples faster. During the game you should not let the participants eat the apples they hold in their hands.
  2. If you don’t know the company well, it’s funny to play “crocodile” game. Participants are divided into two groups. One group goes to another room where proposes an idea or a thing and calls one of the members of another team. He is told this word they guessed and he must explain it to his own team with the help of mime. Members of his team can put questions which the leading person must answer also with the help of gestures and mime.
  3. Choose 3-5 men and ask them to choose women for the game. The women bind their eyes with a scarf or a ribbon. Then someone fixes 15 pins telling the women about that. The winner is that woman who first finds all the pins and takes them off with closed eyes.
  4. Another game is “I’ve got in my pants…”. You need to make paper pants with a big pocket and put different notes with various words in the pocket. The leading person comes to the guests and offers to pull a note. The one who pulls the note says “I’ve got in my pants…” and then reads what is written in the note he has pulled out. For example “culinary conferences”. The words combinations can be very ridiculous.
  5. Play “words” game. Think and say words with “ir” in them. The words mustn’t be repeated.

Words for example:







  1. Hang a decoration on the Christmas tree. All participants come in the middle of the room with fir-tree decorations. Their eyes are closed or bound with something, they turn around several times and go to the direction they think must be the fir-tree, they do it with their eyes closed. If a participant chooses wrong direction he must hang the decoration on the thing he comes to. To make the task more difficult other people can stand on the participants’ way. The winner is that one who hangs the decoration on the fir-tree and that one who hangs the decoration on the most original place.
  2. Everybody stands in a circle and holds hands. It’s better to take all beating and sharp things away. The leading person tells every participant names of two animals in their ears and then explains the point of the game: when an animal told in advance is called out, the person who was told the animal should sit down and the people around him mustn’t let him sit holding him under arms. The point is the second animal – whale – is told to every person and when it is called out everybody tries to sit down and simultaneously hold the neighbor, thus all fall down.
  3. Some more advice for an interesting New Year celebration:
  1. Write some sages’ statements on long papers of different colors. Make spirals of them, fix to toothpicks and put into fruits. Your guests will have something to think about in the coming year.
  2. Put a pea in the New Year’s cake, that one who takes a piece with this pea will be a queen/king of the party.


The dessert is very delicious and easy to cook.

To make it you’ll need:

1 bunch of sorrel

0,5 kg mandarins

125 g cream yoghurt



Cut the sorrel and mandarins finely.

Mix them with yoghurt, add sugar.

The dessert is ready.

Bon appetite!



Among the guests attending the "The September Issue" New York City Premiere was Renee Zellweger. She was irresistible. As ever, though. Moreover, she was slender again! However, I like her playing the curvy reporter in "Bridget Jones's Diary" movies. Ooops! Let's return to our muttons. She was the brightest and the most exquisite arrival on the occasion posing in a short scarlet cocktail dress with a hip-length fake jacket emphasized her shape and gave zest to the dress. High-heeled shoes of flesh color laid stress on her shapely legs. Her make-up à la naturel and light hair made her look even more captivating.



Every year we face the same question: how, where and, more important, who to meet the coming New Year with??? There are certainly plenty of variants. You can celebrate the New Year with your relatives, friends and even with unfamiliar people or people who you don’t know well. Here we are talking about the best, to my mind, variant of celebrating the New Year – face to face with your beloved. You can turn the holiday into a romantic adventure. Make sure that you both want privacy and start organizing the party. You’ve got three ways here: you can make everything yourself making a surprise for your soulmate, organize the party together or let your beloved make a surprise for you. It’s up to you which variant to choose. If you choose the third variant be sure everything is done, you’ll only need to think about presents and dress you’ll be wearing for the party. However I’d rather choose the first variant. It’s always pleasure to surprise someone and what is more important there is a guaranty that everything will be exactly as you wish.

Have you made your decision? Great now let’s look through some variants of celebrating the New Year.

You can start on to your dream city. Book a beautiful hotel room, a table in a restaurant which you’ve always wanted to visit. Meeting the New Year in a company of unknown people is a perfect chance to be face to face with each other and in the company simultaneously. After the dinner arrange a romantic walk around the city for your soulmate. Kiss at a chime of bells in the central square. Share your happiness with thousands of other people having come to the square that night. Hold your hands all the time. Let your soulmate feel you’re always near and ready to support any minute. Don’t hesitate to share your happiness with each other. Be united body. Enjoy your freedom. You can be anyone you want in this strange city. Just be happy. And in the morning you can come back home in full confidence that you’ll both remember this night forever.

If you have no possibility to travel to your dream city, don’t be upset. You can celebrate the New Year in your city as well. If you want to be together without anybody around you, you can stay in your flat or go out of the town. You can choose a country house as a place for celebration. If you can’t find any place where you could stay together, a simple roof is a good way out. You can take a key of your house roof, clean it, decorate it, light candles or garlands, you can throw rose petals around or sweets depending on what you like best. Bring there two warm plaids or set a tent. It’s so romantic to celebrate the New Year looking at the stars. Except it you can watch fireworks around after midnight. It’s a wonderful view.

If it’s too cold on the roof you can go to the attic. You can bring it in order, decorate it and the attic will turn to a fabulous place for you both. Balcony is also good here, if it’s large enough of course.

If you’ve just started your relationship and want to be as close as possible, you can celebrate the holiday in the bath or in the bed. Decorate the bathroom, fill the bath with water and add foam and aroma oil. You can massage each other or just spend time talking. Take a bottle of champagne and a basket of sweets with you.

Celebrating the New Year in bed is also a good idea. You can put on pajamas, hide under the blanket and light a garland there, sing “Merry Christmas”, talk about the passed year and make some plans for future.

And what about meeting the New Year in the forest under the fir-tree? It’s a nice idea I guess. Imagine how close you’ll have to be to each other not to get cold. Don’t you dream about that?

You see there are plenty of ways and ideas of New Year’s celebration from classical to extreme ones. Choose any of them and enjoy your party. Don’t forget the most important thing – in the New Year all your dreams must come true. Find out what your beloved dreams of and fulfill his dreams. Even if he dreams of a drill and you don’t find it romantic, present him the drill. Make each other happy. Be gentle and considerate and your party will be a gasser.


Good Luck and Happy New Year!!!



On Sunday, March, 22, 2009 Reese Witherspoon celebrated her 33rd birthday together with her colleagues in premiere of animated film Monsters vs Aliens where she had a voicing role. At Gibson’s Amphitheater at Universal City Walk she was shining in a silver dress from fall collection of Rodarte. The dress was short; it nicely combined silver and green ribbons of thin cloth crossing along the figure. On her feet she wore unusual grey-yellow heels. Her blond hair waved below her shoulders. Reese didn’t have any bright makeup. Her face looked fresh with peachy rouge on her cheeks. Noone could say she was 33.


The 2009 WIF (Women in Film) Crystal and Lucy Awards was held at the Hyatt Regency (Los Angeles) in June. By the way, Jennifer Aniston was among the winners of the event for her contribution to increase the importance of women in the entertainment industry. One of the brightest A-list Hollywood stars was shining with youth and beauty in a tight-fitting cocktail dress made from silver taffeta. Deep décolleté accentuated her voluptuous shapes and beige-colored high heels made her legs and figure more attractive. Besides, Aniston looked so natural and stunning at the same time with her light flowing hair!



Drew Barrymore appeared at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Whip It' on September 29 dressed in a strict black tight dress from the last collection of L'Wren Scott.

The middle length dress with deep décolleté perfectly flattered her figure. The main point of this dress became a red zipper along her back and red velvet heels excellently matching the zipper.

She had a short and voluminous hairdo of combed back hair.

Drew's makeup wasn't too bright, she looked naturally.

As for jewellery, she wore just long earrings.